How to Describe Us

Imaginations take flightSparking Creativity

  • Sparked with the sounds of inspiring music and the genuine enthusiasm of teachers, students boost their creativity with gentle support. 
  • Share magical discoveries
  • Dancing to favorite music
  • Rooms full of giggles and smiles


“When I came to ABC, I wouldn’t get off Mommy’s lap. Then it began to look like fun and I started to take ballet classes. I take exams each year and really feel stronger each year. I’m in the Vocational level now and don’t just take ballet, I’m a dancer now.” Hailey C

Educating Elegantly

  • Student centered encouragement
  • Find your bliss and reach for your amazing individual goals
  • Learn more than choreography – life lessons are learned here
  • Gain problem solving skills supported with positivity
  • Dance with boisterous joviality


“My first class was a trial class. It didn’t matter to Ms. Valerie that I was a trial student. She got right to me and said let’s fix this. I wasn’t ignored and felt this was a place I could become a better dancer.” Katlynn S.

Empowering Excellence


  • Celebrate excellence and promotion
  • Compete on a world-wide stage with Royal Academy of Dance Progression Assessments and Exams
  • Discover that you can exceed your expectations
  • Receive honest evaluation of your special talents from R.A.D. certified professionals
  • Rejoice in each other’s successes
  • Receive support when challenged

 “This is the best place for people who really want to enjoy , and make a connection without a lot of pressure, but still do well and progress. I get to learn at my own pace and also decide how far I want to go. I’m a dancer now!” Liya B. (R.A.D. Advanced 2 student)