Ballet at Academie de Ballet Classique

Ballet at Academie de Ballet Classique is a unique experience for both parents and dancers.  Careful attention to each dancer transitions children into beautiful dancers.  Studio environment embraces families with warmth in a family-like setting.

Discounts allowed for siblings and multiple classes. Multiple class discount applies to lesser amount, not all classes allow discounts as some are heavily discounted already. Please visit specific class page for further details.

All-Inclusive-Registration fee for ABCBend’s ballet program, includes administration fee ($40) and class attire ($60: 1 class leotard, 1 pair ballet socks/or tights, full-soled leather ballet shoes) The boutique portion of the All-Inclusive-Registration fee does not apply to Adult classes or non-ballet classes, only the administration fee remains for the Adults and non-ballet program.

Early Childhood Dance (Pre-Ballet) classes:  This is the perfect place to start if your child is under age 8 and never danced before.

  • Born to Dance – Toddlers ballet class children ages 2 1/2 – 4
    • Your child joins other boys and girls wanting to dance at this very unique ballet class for toddlers.  Join now!
  • Playdance  Boys and Girls ages 3 – 5

    • Fun dance class for young children, includes jazz, hip hop, creative movement, and ballet. Join today and save!
  • Come Dance with Me  Boys & girls ages 3 – 5

    • Central Oregon’s premier pre-ballet class for young stars of ballet.  Join now!
  • Fantasy Ballet – Boys & girls ages 4 – 7
    • Fantasy themed class content cultivates creativity while learning basic ballet terminology. Choose from 3 classes
  • Little Swans Ballet – Children ages – 5 – 8
    • Your child will learn the traditional French terminology of ballet in this Russian-based ballet class. Join now!

Ballet Fundamentals Program

Dancing, like any activity, requires good training.  This program for students ages 8 and up, beginners to advanced gives that training.  New for 2016, a requirement for any Royal Academy of Dance examination.

  • Fun-damentals:  Level 1   Beginning ballet for students ages 8 & up.
    • RAD equivalent – Grades 1 & 2
  • Fundamentals:  Level 2   Intermediate level for 2nd to 3rd year students.
    • RAD equivalent – Grades 3 & 4
  • Fundamentals:  Level 3  Upper intermediate for 4th year and up.
    • RAD equivalent – Grades 5 & Vocational Intermediate Foundation
  • Fundamentals:  Vocational levels. Advanced levels with strong pointe work
    • RAD equivalent Grades 6 – 8 and Advanced

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Program 

    • Pre-Primary in Dance – Boys & girls ages 6 – 8

      • First of thirteen Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) courses, with stated learning outcomes as prescribed by the RAD
    • Primary in Dance – Boys & girls ages 7 – 9
      • Perfect follow-on from Pre-Primary or for 1st time dancers

Grades 1 on up must enroll in a corresponding fundamentals course.

    • Grade 1 in Dance – Boys & girls ages 8 – teen
      • Also, dancers progress from lesson learned in Primary, and is an excellent starting pointe for dancers ages 10 & up
    • Grades 2 – 5 in Dance – Boys & girls ages 9+
      • Dancers with some prior experience thrive in these levels, placement audition is recommended for most suitable fit
    • Upper Grades 6 through Grade 8 Award
      • For the dancer wanting experience in the Romantic Style of ballet as seen in the story ballets of the 19th and 20th centuries.
      • Placement audition required

Vocational Levels (Pre-professional)

    All Vocational levels above Intermediate Foundation require strong pointe work.  It is expected that dancers display strong technical levels, such as multiple pirouettes, adage and batterie.

    • Intermediate Foundation
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced Foundation
    • Advanced 1
    • Advanced 2
    • Advanced 3-4 (Solo Seal, Genée International Competition preparation)