Ballet Class Dancewear List

Wondering what to wear for ballet classes at ABC? All items are available for purchase at ABC’s Boutique.  Needing dance wear?  Call 541-382-4055 to schedule a free fitting.



Note to Parents

All dancewear must be approved by their instructor. This includes all leotards, ballet skirts, ballet shoes, character skirts, character shoes, jazz shoes and sweaters. Soiled shoes and leotards cannot be returned if the fit is unsuitable.

For ballet classes only, no leg warmers or “booty shorts”, only form-fitting ballet sweaters are allowed. No baggy sweaters, sweat shirts, or leg warmers please.  Injuries not withstanding, and by approval.

Please donate any items no longer needed.  We have a great need for a full borrow bin.


Girls:  (See below for body wear list)

  • Hair pulled off face into bun, or for short hair – pulled back with headband
    • See below for hair supply list
  • No jewelry (rings, watch, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings) This is a safety issue and part of ballet’s sign of respect to the art.
  • Clean socks for children up to age 9, pink tights for ages 10+.
  • Full sole pink Bloch leather ballet shoes (Payless shoes are cheap and the vinyl can be harmful to growing feet)
  • Leotard in class color (see list below)
  • Nude camisole leotard

BOYS: (All)  

  • White ballet t-shirt
  • Navy ballet shorts (boys RAD Grade 2 & under)
  • navy footless leggings for boys (Boys Grades 3 +)
  • White full-sole leather ballet shoes
  • White ballet socks
  • Black heeled character shoes

BALLET Bodywear list:

  • Born to Dance (BTD), Come Dance with Me (CDM)
    • Bloch chiffon short-sleeved leotard
  • Little Swans
    • Lilac short-sleeved leotard by Revolution
  • Fantasy Ballet/ Twinkle Toes Tap/Ballet Combo 
    • Yellow short-sleeved leotard by Motionwear
  • RAD Pre-Primary in Dance (PPiD)
    • Lilac Motionwear short-sleeved leotard
    • Matching RAD regulation skirt
  • RAD Primary in Dance (PiD)
    • Marine Blue Motionwear Short-sleeved leotard
    • Matching RAD regulation skirt
  • RAD Grades – for all, tank leotard, RAD regulation character skirt & character shoes
    • Grade 1 – Pink
    • Grade 2 – Lavender/Violet
    • Grade 3 – Mulberry
    • Grade 4 – Teal
    • Grade 5 – Red
    • Grade 6 – Royal blue, with matching calf length skirt
    • Grade 7 – Lilac, with matching calf length skirt
    • Grade 8 Award – Group decides on style and color with matching skirt
  • RAD Vocationals (Pre-professionals)
    • Intermediate Foundation – Navy camisole + pointe shoes
    • Intermediate – Black camisole + pointe shoes
    • Advanced Foundation – Royal Blue, matching tutu, +pointe shoes
    • Advanced 1 & 2, Purple, matching tutu, + pointe shoes



    • Leotard of any color or style, tights, ABC logo jazz shorts, shoes appropriate to dance style.  Please no black rubber soles, as they mar our dance floor. “Footies” for barefooted dancing is acceptable.
    • Tap – oxford style shoes.  Available at Encore Dance Supply, Bend, OR


Sturdy brush & comb

Hair spray & gel

Sturdy Pony tail holder

Hair pins and bobby pins (again – STURDY)

Hair net to match hair