We allow discounts for annual tuition payments, multiple siblings and multiple classes.
Our RAD-Graded classes are priced for twice weekly classes, for example: RAD Graded classes  are all  twice a week and are discounted as such.

Maximum total allowable discount is 10%.


Family Discount

5% off 2nd or more children enrolled.  Please use the lesser tuition amount to calculate the discount.  Use coupon code:  multi-class-sibling-discount

Multiple Class Discount 

5% off if you choose more than one class title, you will receive a 5% discount on the lower class tuition.  Classes that meet twice weekly count as one class title. Use coupon code:  multi-class-sibling-discount

EXCEPTIONS:  Flawless Pointe & Stretch, Pre-Pointe; Leaps, Turns & Partnering, RAD preparation classes.  These classes are deeply discounted for ABC students who are enrolled in other classes.

Discount for tuitions paid in full.

A 5% reduction in tuition is allowed for annual tuition payments.  discount Tuition will be prorated for those enrolling after September 2016.  Withdrawal requires a 30 day written notice, at which time a refund of the remaining months will be refunded.