How to choose the perfect dance class at ABCBend

How do you choose a class at Academie de Ballet Classique (ABCBend)?  It can be puzzling.  We hope to simplify the process for you.  Of course, we welcome inquiries.  Call us at 541-.382.4055

Choosing the perfect dance class takes answering a few questions.  We have 5 levels of pre-ballet designed to match age and development.  Our 13 levels of ballet include 5 upper levels for the dancer looking to push their skills to a new level.

ABC dancers

Dance with feather lightness

Adult dancers have 2 contemporary dance classes, a beginning tap and 3 beginning ballet classes as part of their menu of choices.


Click over each category to go to that page for all the classes in that category.

  1. How old are you or your child?
    1. Ages 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 – Born to Dance
    2. Ages 3 – 4  – Come Dance with Me
    3. Ages 4 – 7 – Fantasy Ballet, or Little Swans Ballet Classes
    4. School Age – What type of dance?
      1. Ballet for dancers ages 9 & up
      2. Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop or AcroDanceAbles for kids?
    5. Age 18 to adult – What Type of Dance?
      1. Adult Beginning Ballet classes
      2. Adult Beginning Tap Class
      3. Contemporary Classes
    6. Seniors – Silver Swan