Nutcracker cast 2017

Nutcracker Cast 2017   

We have an awesome cast! Performing is a privilege. Know that your child will have a rewarding and memorable experience no matter the role they’ve been assigned.

Rehearsal and Nutcracker classes subject to change.  Please keep current with notices.  All accounts must be current for the privilege to perform.

Act 1 – Party Scene, Fight Scene, Snow

Nutcracker:  Josie Stevens

Clara (Split cast) Shelby Brownson / Hailey Crum

Fritz (Split cast) Emma Hayden /  Lily Anderson

Party Guests:  Aspen Terry, Viktoria Sargent, Josie Stevens, Katlynn Spakousky, Kate Beckel, Stephanie André, Emma Whitehead, Lauren Allison, Eliana

Toy Dolls:  Liya Bell, Emma Singer

Party kids:  Isabel Lau, Eliora Brown, Makayala Otto, Gracie Folkins, Sage Bunker

Soldiers:  Emma Whitehead (head soldier), Paloma Galan-Gonzalez, Ruby Chapman, Azure Neubaurer,

Rat King:  Stephanie André

Big Mice:  Shelby Brownson / Hailey Crum, Emma Hayden /Lily Anderson, Paige Piernicki, Mary Richards, Hannah Zemke-Rife

Little Mice:  Bristol Bravo, Gina Hayden, Addie Pennock, Hazel Stuntz

Snow Queen:   Lauren Allison

Snow Corps:  Josie Stevens, Viktoria Sargent, Kate Beckel, Aspen Terry, Katlynn Spakousky, Emma Singer, Kendall Legum, Liya Bell, Eliana Jeffrey

Dew Drop:  Aspen Terry

Flower Corps:  Lauren Allison, Kate Beckel, Josie Stevens, Viktoria Sargent, Katlynn Spakousky, Liya Bell, Kendal Legum, Lauren Allison, Eliana Jeffrey, Emma Whitehead

Flower Petals:  Hannah Zemke-Rife, Ruby Chapman, Paige Piernicki, Mary Richards, Gracie Folkins, Isabel Lau

Snow flakes: Audrey Alexander, Josie Newby, Malakaya Otto, Maddy Plass, Eliora Brown, Bristol Bravo, Savannah Bunker, Gina Hayden Arwen Weaver

Act 2 Divertissements:

Sugar Plum:  Viktoria Sargent

Little Sugar Plums:  Isabel Lau, Eliora Brown, Malakaya Otto, Gracie Folkins, Sage Bunker, Paige Piernicki

Mother Ginger:  Anguelina Kouznetsova

Bonbons:  Audrey Alexander, Savannah Bunker, Josie Newby, Farrah Bohn, Maddy Plass, Hazel Stuntz, Arwen Weaver,

Chinese:  Josie Stevens (soloist), Eliana Jeffrey, Shelby Brownson / Hailey Crum, Azure Neubaurer, Emma Hayden / Lily Anderson

Spanish: Kate Beckel (soloist), Emma Singer, Kendall Legum

Russian: Aspen Terry, Lauren Allison

Arabian: Katlynn Spakousky (Soloist), Liya Bell, Eliana Jeffrey, Olivia Bertagana Stephanie André

Mirlitons:  Josie Stevens, Aspen Terry, Viktoria Sargent