00a 4 WEEK INTRODUCTION TO DANCE -Youth – 60 minute class


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4 Week Introduction to Dance – Youth – 60 minute class

ABCBend’s 4 Week Introduction to Dance – 60 Minute Class, gives parents time and the flexibility to decide which class fits your schedule and dance dreams.

We just know you’ll love everything about Academie de Ballet Classique’s dance program that you can’t wait to settle in to that special class for you or your child.  Over 4 weeks young children adapt to new surroundings, class format and begin to love their new teacher and dance buddies.


4 Week Introduction to Dance Youth – 60 Minute Class


  • 4 classes or 4 weeks, which ever comes first.
  • May only use 1 (one) series per student.
  • No registration fee at this time, registration fee will apply when registering for the school season.  Boutique and recital items extra.

    Academie de Ballet - Jazz Dancers

    Reach for the moon at ABCBend!

  • Place is guaranteed only with full registration
  • No discounts allowed

Dress code does apply, with some modifications:

We do have a limited supply of items to borrow.  No borrow items to leave studio, please.

Females:  All Ballet classes leotard, tights or ballet socks, ballet shoes.  Non-ballet classes, students must wear appropriate dance wear for that class.

Hair must be tied off face in a traditional bun, or pony tail.  For short hair, headband, or barrettes to take hair off face.  Click here to watch our “how to do a ballet bun” video!

Males:  Boys leggings or shorts, leotard or t-shirt, dance shoes (ballet or jazz type depending on class)