21b VOCATIONAL INTERMEDIATE a Royal Academy of Dance Preparation Program

From: $110.00 for 1 year and a $40.00 sign-up fee

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Ages:              12+ (placement audition required)
Season:          September 11, 2017 – June, 2018
Days/Times:   Mon 6:30-8:00pm Wed 7:30-9:00pm

Schedules subject to change.

Early registration savings:  See below for details

For the student wanting to achieve something extraordinary, VOCATIONAL INTERMEDIATE BALLET CLASS covers choreography of the Royal Academy of Dance.  Master the challenging and beautiful set exercises and variations of this sophisticated level.

The Vocational Intermediate Ballet, helps you to reach your high expectations for achievement. The course concentrates on the choreography, musicality criteria required for successful completion of the Royal Academy of Dance annual examination.

Upper level ballet students love being challenged. You will be amazed at the mastery of these impressive students. Friends and family marvel at how poised and confident dancers perform.   Technical prowess allows for greater ease of dance and stunning performances.

Vocational classes at Academie de Ballet Classique are enriched with the accompaniment of a pianist. The experience of live music is unparalleled in other dance schools in Central Oregon.

Reserved parking only, please park on the street to avoid having your car towed.

New this year!  Add a class simplified.  Click on desired class title with no registration fee and deeply discounted tuition.  Dancers must be enrolled in twice weekly class.  No other discounts allowed.


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VOCATIONAL INTERMEDIATE a Royal Academy of Dance Preparation Program

CALL 541-382-4055

Academie de Ballet Classique’s VOCATIONAL INTERMEDIATE a Royal Academy of Dance Preparation Program, prepares dancers by instilling solid technique.  That technique may carry you further into the world of dance.  Strong technique also minimizes injury and allows you to insert your personality into your artistic interpretation.

Whether entering into dance competitions, or wanting the rewards of completing a quality program, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) prepared dancers are confident and poised for adult life.

Enjoy a competition free environment at ABCBend.  We chose to compete on a worldwide level.  Delight in commraderie of achievement with your dance mates at ABCBend.

Academie de Ballet Classique dancers work towards mastery throughout the year.  Be challenged by the RAD vocational choreography, exercises and variations.   Study with us and find yourself well prepared for what may lie ahead.

Our dancers work towards their personal goal of achieving a high level of skill and quality. What does all that mean? It means students learn more than just the steps.  They strive towards acquiring mastery and artistry.

Your solid understanding of dance vocabulary learnt in lower grades develops further for stunning performances.  ABC dancers increase their ballet knowledge to a high degree along with a more sophisticated and artistic approach.  You progress smoothly from year to year taking basic phrases into more complicated dances.

Expect to achieve:

  • Basic Ballet Technique improvement
  • Foot and Ankle Strength and Control
  • Pointe Range strengthens
  • Plié Range increases
  • Turnout Range and Control
  • Core Control
  • Maturity and Physical Development


For more information on the Royal Academy of Dance Program please visit Royal Academy of Dance – Achieve.

As an Approved Royal Academy of Dance Examination (RAD) Center, we join over 13,000 members in 79 countries providing an excellent program to dancers of Central Oregon.  Assessment examinations are designed to motivate and encourage students in improving their dance skills.  Through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment over 230,000 students enter RAD examinations worldwide.

RAD Assessment Examination fees due each December, includes exam fee,  mock exam and a MP4 file of candidates mock exam. Successful candidates receive from London, UK, marks scoring sheet, certificate and UK education credits.  We are proud that our RAD candidates enjoy 100% examination success.

Private coaching sessions are not included in this tuition or RAD examination fees.


Interesting in several classes or have multiple children enrolling? Please call our office 541-382-4055 for assistance.


Girls: Hair secured into a classical ballet bun. Camisole leotard in a color determined by the class at the beginning of Grade 6, with matching waist belt, calf-length circular chiffon skirt tights socks, pink leather full-soled ballet shoes, character skirt and shoes.

Boys: Navy RAD-regulation navy leggings, RAD regulation boys white short-sleeved leotard, white socks, and white leather ballet shoes. Black Katz-brand character shoes.


Suscription tuition payments occur each monthly.  Final season payment ends with your June subscription payment.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure that payments clear properly each month.   Declined and failed payments will be charged a $25 administration fee.

Accounts in arrears more than 15 days will be charged a $25 late fee and placement in class could be revoked.  Please update your account if you change banks, credit card companies, or that your card has expired.

Full season payments cancelling mid-year will be charged difference between discounted tuition and full tuition.  Refunds issued gladly less a 15% early withdrawal fee.


  • Register before September 5, 2017 and save on monthly tuition
  • Withdraw before June 25, 2018, your tuition subscription recalculates to the full tuition amount.
  • No other discounts apply

Terms and conditions: Cancellations require a 30 day written notice. Terms and conditions apply.

Refunds issued gladly less 15% early withdrawal fee.  Tuition recalculates to full tuition for withdrawals before June 1, 2018.

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