Academie de Ballet’s Classique’s (ABCBend) Early Childhood Ballet Program enhances your child’s imagination with dance.  All classes will be available as online classes in addition to in studio classes.  If you would like to take any of these classes as an online class, please register and then email us at to let us know you will be attending online.  

All of Academie de Ballet Classique’s programs span a full school year and finish with a production of an original story ballet. All students are invited to participate.

By the completion of the school year your child will:

Ballet develops independence, confidence and while enjoying meaningful learning.  Once monthly, during Observation Week, you can expect to see changes in abilities.

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Safety:  To keep classes safe, this classes are limited to 10 dancers. As the wait list grows,  we will create another class.  

DRESS CODE: All items available for purchase through ABC Boutique. Please call in advance to schedule a fitting appointment. 541-382-4055.


Born to Dance                   Ages 2 1/2 – 3 1/2

This special class for the very young dancer, Born to Dance, allows these sweet little ones to explore the many ways to move to music. Mommy or Daddy may join in the fun, or sit in as an adoring audience.  Through the magic of imagination, dancers pounce from imaginary flower as bees looking for nectar, soar the blue skies to magical mountains, and places only these little ones can conjure.  The discovery is delightful to watch.

Toddlers love this delightful start to ballet!   You’ll see oodles of smiles as they learn, giggle and enjoy the magic of ballet!  One parent per student allowed to sit in.  Closed live video  sessions are available to share the delight with grandparents or doting aunts and uncles.




Come Dance with Me      Ages 3.5 – 4.5

Come Dance with Me is the perfect class for the shy child needing their parents to remain with them.  Your preschooler will love this delightful start to ballet!  Young dancers learn the freedom of dance as they gain confidence in new found vocabulary of ballet.

You’ll hear laughter as they enjoy the magic of ballet! Boys and girls jump higher, becoming more fit with each session. Dancers learn basic ballet steps with the French terminology of ballet.




Girls:    As listed above plus:  Bloch brand short-sleeved skirted ballet dress in pink.

Boys:     As listed above


Fantasy Ballet                 Ages 4.0 – 6.0

Children are delighted to dance through all of the magical places while using their newly learned ballet steps. This fantasy-themed ballet class is designed to cultivate your child’s creativity, individuality and artistry while discovering ballet terminology and culture of discipline.

At Academie de Ballet Classique we pride ourselves on using age-appropriate activities and goals as dictated by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London, UK. With proven Learning Outcomes, as defined by the RAD, students gain confidence along while enjoying meaningful learning.  We accomplish meaningful learning through demonstration, assistance and encouragement.




Little Swans Pre-Ballet       Ages 4 – 6

This fun beginning ballet class for children ages 4-6 follows a traditional learning path to ballet.  Your child delights as they learn the traditional French terminology of ballet presented within imaginative settings. This class uses the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) teaching methodology. Ballet encourages children to learn, follow directions,  and accept corrections.  The ISTD and RAD curriculums prescribe safe dance learning, recognizing today’s fast paced environment, helping young minds to focus, preparing them for their next venture – elementary school.

Dress code:

Girls:   As listed above, plus: Short-sleeved skirted ballet dress in white

Boys:  As listed above.


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