Academie de Ballet’s Classique’s Early Childhood Ballet Program brings playful discoveries into the limitless imaginations of young dancers.  Entering the studio, transformed fairies skitter to music that transforms a dance studio into a magical land of prancing unicorns, colorful butterflies flitting from flower to flower.  Ballet becomes a story filled with French words, elegant manners and the timeless traditions of ballet.

 Drawing upon your child’s imagination with dance, ballet movement favorite songs enhances brain development.  Dance and its pretend play provides children the ability to organize knowledge and information.   Serious work?  Absolutely!  Delightful?  Definitely!

All classes are available as online classes in addition to in-studio classes.  If you would like to take any of these classes online, please register and then email us at to let us know you will be attending online.

Safety:  To keep classes safe, these classes are limited to 10 dancers. As the wait list grows,  we will create another class.
 DRESS CODE: All items available for purchase through ABC Boutique. Please call in advance to schedule a fitting appointment. 541-382-4055.    For complete details please visit our Uniform Guide for this category.
  • Boys:   For all classes — White t-shirt, navy solid-colored ballet shorts, white socks and white leather ballet shoes
  • Girls:    Skirted leotard in class colors, pink ballet socks (tights not necessary), Nude camisole undergarment, pink leather ballet shoes.  No need for tights or leg warmers.  Please secure hair off the face in either a classical ballet bun or ponytail. Short hair may be held off the face with a soft headband.

Born to Dance                   Children Age 3

Born to Dance for toddlers explores the many ways for children to move to music. Using familiar music and stories to immediately grasp the attention of even the most easily distracted youngster.  Don’t be surprised that they’ll be inspired to leap about the house. Take delight that the lessons thrive in their minds.

Mommy or Daddy may join in, or observe as an adoring audience. Toddlers love this delightful start to ballet! Oodles of smiles as they learn, laugh and thrill at the magic of ballet!  One parent per student allowed to sit in and share the delightful experience with your special dancer.

Using the Leap’NLearn ® program to follow the natural development of these special youngsters.  Children leap over lily pads, take the train to the zoo, and so much more.  Action packed lessons to engage and enrich your child’s dance experience. Join us for a delightful journey.

Come Dance with Me      Children Age 4

 These 4 year olds progress within our Leap’NLearn ® program, adding and refining their skills both for dance and school.  Yes, the lessons learned here are fully realized in academic school.  Children who participate in the performing arts show increased ability to recall details and ability to focus on tasks.  Such a marvelous by-product, wouldn’t you say?

We love new students!  Your pre-schooler will love this delightful start to ballet! Watch as oodles of smiles span across little faces.  You’ll hear laughter as they enjoy the magic of ballet! Boys and girls jump higher, becoming more fit with each session. Dancers learn basic ballet steps and terminology.   
  • Girls:     Bloch brand short-sleeved skirted ballet dress in pink
  • Boys:     As listed above


Fantasy Ballet      Children Age 5

Children are delighted to dance through all of the magical places while using their newly learned ballet steps. This fantasy-themed ballet class is designed to cultivate your child’s creativity, individuality and artistry while discovering ballet terminology and culture of discipline. At Academie de Ballet Classique we pride ourselves on using age-appropriate activities and goals as dictated by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London, UK.
With proven Learning Outcomes, as defined by the RAD, students gain confidence along while enjoying meaningful learning.  We accomplish meaningful learning through demonstration, assistance and encouragement.  This program spans the school year to a finishing production of an original story ballet, where all students are invited to participate.
By the completion of the school year your child will:
  • Move with increased control, co-ordination and confidence
  • Recreational arts are associated with improved emotional, physical and cognitive health
  • Gain greater awareness of the body with an understanding of how to move through space
  • Demonstrate a developing sensitivity to music through movement
  • Express feelings and emotions through movement

Ballet develops independence, confidence and while enjoying meaningful learning.  Once monthly, during Observation Week, you can expect to see changes in abilities and confidence in your young dancer.

For detailed uniform guide – click here

RAD Pre-Primary – Children Age 6




RAD Primary – Children Age 7

Entering our Flagship program of the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.), doesn’t mean the delightful experiences end.  We continue to help your child develop a deeper cultivation of their creativity and individuality.   A ballet hopscotch game?  Yes!  Pom Pom jumps?  Positively!   We never forget the fairy wands, everyone’s favorite until the pom poms come out!

Learning outcomes, as defined by the Royal Academy of Dance, are confirmed with our annual Progression Assessments, sponsored by the R.A.D.  The magic continues when your star bounds onto the stage each Spring, amazed at the poise and confidence gained over each season.

Dress code applies 

The Small Print
  • No refunds on items lacking tags, washed or pre-worn
  • WITHDRAWALS.  30-day written notice required.  No refunds for missed classes. Makeups happily encouraged
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY.  Please click here for full details