Policies & Procedures General Information

Our Policies and Procedures for the current year are as follows:

Tuitions and fees:

  • Non-refundable:  Registration and costume fees;
  • Withdrawals – 30 day cancellation notice must be submitted via email (dance@abcbend.com) refunds only with special circumstances and with management approval.  Approved refunds reduced with a 25% processing fee. 
  • School year tuition is calculated on a 10 month schedule, payable in 10 individual equal installments or in a single full year payment.  Mid-month registrations are prorated for 1st month.  All tuitions are paid on the 1st of each month with recurring autopay debit/credit/ACH payment
  • Summer tuition is paid in full at the time of registration. Refunds only by management approval and special circumstances and are less a 25% processing fee
  • Studio holiday closures:  Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Holiday Break , President’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend, and 4th of July
  • Recitals:  Fees include costume purchase or costume rental fee, extra rehearsal practices, sets and props expenses, and is non-refundable


Other Tuitions fees/pricing:

Private & coaching: sessions

  • 1/2 hour – $40
  • 1  hour –   $75
  • 4 pack and 10 pack packages available – call for rates

Drop in fees

  • Drop-in 30 minute class $12.75/class
  • Drop-in 45 – 55 minute class $17.50/class
  • Drop-in 60 – 75 minute class $20/class
  • Drop-in 90+ minute class $25/class

Refunds for tuition and boutique items

  • Withdrawals require a 30 day written notice to dance@abcbend.com, or by post to ABCBend, 162 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR  97703; no refunds for past classes not attended. (missed classed via recorded missed session)
  • Refunds:  No refunds for past classes not attended. (Makeups are allowed and encouraged up to withdrawal date)
    • Registration fee is non-refundable
    • Should special consideration be warranted please call Operations Manager at 541-382-4055;
    • No refunds on Boutique items worn or tags removed
    • No refunds on special order items such as costumes or items made to specifications set by purchaser.

Tuition and fee dates, late fees, discounts, refunds, credits, payment methods

  1. Payment method: On-line registration or directly through Office staff (by phone or in person) with recurring monthly auto-payment ending with June payment for school year session, or paid in full for summer sessions;
  2. School year tuition is due on the 1st of each month, and is considered late on the 10th of the same month;
  3. School year tuition is payable by automatic debit/credit/ACH withdrawals on the first of each month (except January 2). Next month’s tuition is posted and statements mailed on the 25th of the month (Except December);
  4. There are no tuition adjustments for missed classes (we encourage makeups);
  5. Grace period is allowed with approval from Operations Manager
  6. Tuition Late fee:  $20 posted on the 10th of the month
  7. Failed credit card fee:  $25, regardless of reason for failed payment.  It is up to the card holder to update any expired or canceled cards
  8. Unpaid balance policy:  Class attendance is not permitted with balance owing of 30 days or more;
  9. Discounts:  Multiple classes and family discounts up to 10% per family are taken at time of registration. School year tuition paid in full is eligible for a 7% discount.  Contact Operations Manager to pay in full
  10. Recital:  Class and rehearsal attendance below 50% or account not current, recital participation in not allowed and recital fee not refundable
  • Releases, consent forms, teacher background checks and privacy policies
  1. General liability release of claims, your approval occurs with registration and check out. Waivers are agreed to in our registration process upon completing registration with tuition payment
  2. Parents/Guardians are also required to sign an online waiver upon enrollment
  3. Medical treatments of a minor – We do not offer medical treatments without express permission from parent/guardian. No medicine or ailments will be given without written permission.  In case of injury, we call emergency contact immediately.  In serious matters, we call 911 then call listed emergency contact as listed upon enrollment; .
  4. Photography and video release – enrollment applies as consent
  5. Privacy policy:  we do not release any contact information for any parent, student or sibling without written permission.  Our mailing list remains private to emails and newsletters regarding studio events and information. Complete details of our privacy policy are found in “Privacy Policy”
  6. For the safety of children, we require that all children younger than sixteen years of age have written permission on file to leave the building without an adult while they are in our care
  • Attendance and participation
  1. Attendance expectations and minimum participation policy:  it is expected that students attend a minimum of 50% of scheduled classes
  2. Tardiness:  Students arriving 15 minutes after the start of class, will observe, but not participate for the safety of the student;
  3. Chronic tardiness warrants discussion with parents and/or dancer of the importance of entering class on time.  Late arrivals disturb and disrupt class flow, as well as pleads to potential injury.
  4. Make-up classes:  No tuition adjustment for missed classes.  Student makeups via video recorded of missed class, call a minimum of 1 hour prior to class to notify of absence.  Link to missed class will be emailed within 1 business day.  
  5. Inclement weather/snow cancellations:  We rarely cancel for snow.  Parents are contacted directly via phone/text of class cancellation.   Makeup classes are scheduled at the earliest date available.
  6. Sickness: Following the CDC’s policies and guidance, no students with a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the prior 24 hours are allowed in the studio or building.  With CoVid19, there are other policies.  Please refer to our page on Safe Dance for ABC’s current safety policies.  Students are encouraged to attend online if they have any signs of illness or illness exposure.  Contact us at 541-382-4055 to receive an online link.
  7. Injury:  with doctor’s release students may return with doctor’s recommendation for re-entry into activities.
  8. Not ready to participate/separate:  Children emotionally unable to participate are suggested to enroll in our Come Dance with Me (Mommy/Daddy and Me class format); or that they withdraw and wait until  the child is ready for such activities.  Thirty day withdrawal policy is waived in these cases.
  9. Unaccompanied Child: All children ages 9 and under must be accompanied and checked in by parent/guardian. Parents may leave when students is allowed into studio. Students must not be allowed into dance studio rooms without a teacher present. 
  • Drug, Alcohol & Marijuana Policy for Staff, Parents of Academie de Ballet Classique:
  1. Acadèmie de Ballet Classique is a drug and alcohol free facility and business, for both patrons and staff.
  2. State Oregon Statute lists Parental Drug Use as Child Abuse:
    We are required by State statute to report any potentially harmful activities, or exposures to children 18 and under.
  3. Unlawful exposure to a controlled substance that subjects a child to a substantial risk of harm to the child’s health or safety   Citation:  Or. Rev. Stat. § 419B.005

If our staff determines that the safety of the child is at risk, we will report this to the appropriate authorities.   

All Académie de Ballet Classique employees have annual background checks to comply with all standards as required of those with contact with minors.