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Jumping out of the car and running into the studio, dancers are eager to start dancing. Parents see real progress in their children. As an adult dancer, you'll feel the changes and see the muscles develop strength and elasticity. At ABCBend, each student receives caring attention and encouragement to continually grow both in personal development but in ballet skills.

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Hip Hop, Jazz & More

We could drone on and on about our programs, instead here's what one parent shared about Academie de Ballet Classique: "Academie de Ballet Classique combines rigor, discipline and healthy relationship between dancers and their peers; dancers and their instructors and dancers within themselves. All of the instructors, led by Ms. Val, embody enthusiasm, passion, commitment and love of dance and children, yet maintain the structure and discipline of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi." - Deevy H.


Join today and become part of a wonderful dancing family!

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Over the years our students have performed in many productions such as, Peter and the Wolf, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Snow White. These productions have produced many cute and inspiring photographs. For students that have been with us for several years, this is our photographic record of their growth as dancers. Enter here to see how they’ve blossomed as performers.

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