Look like a dancer. Be a dancer


Centuries ago the traditions for ballet students included specific clothing, worn only for ballet class.  Today that tradition continues with dress codes and expected behaviors.  Students show respect by dressing correctly, in their assigned class leotard and hair neatly pulled back in the traditional bun, dressed for dance.
This simple task of putting hair into a beautifully done ballet bun, pulling on tights and leotard leading the way to so many important achievements to come.  As told to a graduating class at West Point by a 4-star general,  “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.”

The uniformity of a single color builds inclusiveness and unity among the students. No one student is set aside as different. Levels are defined by leotard style and color, allowing students to look forward to their new level and color.

Our uniforms:  (All items available for purchase at our Boutique on site)  Scroll below for class uniform list

Dressing appropriately:

  • Helps avoid peer pressure to buy stylish clothes for class
  • Diminish economic and social barriers
  • Increase a sense of belonging and school pride 
  • Encourages ballet discipline and etiquette
  • Please save fancy leotards for our special events

Should you wish to purchase at our studio, all items are available for purchase or order at our Ballet Boutique. Once worn, items may not be returned.  All class wear must be approved by director.

Note to Students & Parents

  • No earrings, necklaces, watches, or bracelets allowed. Please leave valuables at home to minimize loss.
  • Students wearing these items are not allowed to take class.
  • Non-studio dancewear must be approved by instructor or director
  • Leg warmers for injuries only
  • Tidy appearance please, leave baggy clothing home
  • We gladly accept items for our borrow bin
  • Please honor this important safety issue.

HAIR CARE for all Upper Levels

Appearance includes hair secured into classic bun.
To dance at a high standard, we must be the high standard.

Upper Grades & Vocational – all levels

  • White Short-sleeved leotard
  • Black or navy leggings
  • Men’s dance belt
  • White ballet socks
  • White leather ballet shoes
  • Camisole in nude (serves as underwear)
  • Pink tights, or skin color
  • Pink (or skin color) leather full-sole leather ballet shoes
  • Leotard in class style & color (no panties as if wearing a swimsuit)
  • Character skirt & shoes (studio rental program included in tuition)
  • Chiffon mid-length circular skirt matching leotard color

RAD Grade 6 – Royal blue tank or camisole

RAD Grade 7 – Plum tank or camisole

RAD Grade 8 Award – Red camisole


Hair must always been worn in a tidy bun, warmups such as ballet sweater as allowed.  Shorts or skirts not allowed in class.  Warmup attire allowed during pre-class warm-up only.

  • Tank or camisole in grade color with matching waist elastic
  • Pointe shoes (fit approved by Ms. Valerie before sewing ribbons
  • Ribbons, pink or skin color
  • Leotards must be RAD Regulation – must be plain without multiple straps, or patterns

INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION – Navy tank or camisole

INTERMEDIATE – Black tank or camisole


  • Narrow velvet hair ribbon to match leotard
  • Classic tutu or neo-classical skirt for variation

ADVANCED 1 & 2 – Plum

  • Narrow velvet hair ribbon to match leotard
  • Matching classical tutu or short circular skirt